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Custom Lipbalm sunscreen, cosmetics and more

Lip Shimmer Stick - Organic - Promo LipBalm

Lip Shimmer Stick - Organic

All Natural, Organic, moisturizing, lip "pencil" shimmers with a hint of peppermint.   Contained in a stylish, pencil thin container,...

Bling Lip Gloss Wand - Custom - Promo LipBalm

Bling Lip Gloss Wand - Custom

  BLING LIP GLOSS - Custom formulated and colored to your chosen color or PMS! Mini size, high quality lip gloss in tube with a sponge tip applicator. ...

Cube Lip Gloss - Promo LipBalm

Cube Lip Gloss

  Lip gloss made and filled in the USA using acrylic cube made in Taiwan.    Lip gloss is custom made to order with a 2 year shelf life.    ...

Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube - Promo LipBalm

Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube

  Squeeze tube, pink lip gloss, Net Wt: 9.5g (.34oz):   USA MADE, Retail quality Lip Gloss    Available in 3 shimmery colors:...

Square Lip Gloss Wand - Promo LipBalm

Square Lip Gloss Wand

Square Lip Gloss Wand, pink lip gloss, Net Wt: 3.5g (.12oz):   This item is not all natural product and is not a USA made item.   1 colour...

Lip Care Gloss - Promo LipBalm

Lip Care Gloss

  High Quality Lip  gloss wand in a high quality transparent plastic container.   Transparent, shiny lip gloss in two colour shades....

Flat Body Lip Gloss Wand - Promo LipBalm

Flat Body Lip Gloss Wand

  Flat Body Lip Gloss Wand    Stylish, attractive gloss transparent container with black gloss cap. White wand. Overseas fill.   SIZE:...

Lip - Diamond - Promo LipBalm

Lip - Diamond

  100% Natural, Organic Lip Balm stick in vibrant colours, including an original CRYSTALLIZED SWAROVSKI Element. Can be combined in many ways,...