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Custom MiLi Skinmate



Place YOUR logo on a powerful, portable UV Dectector meter that reminders the user to re-apply their sunscreen, through a smart mobile app. 

MiLi Skinmate  MiLi Skinmate


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The Smartest UV Detector to protect you, your family and your friends.

The sun, it burns! Why not receive real-time alerts when UV Rays are getting harmful, before your skin feels it?

By taking into account your skin type, age and sunscreen via a smart mobile app, the Skinmate gives you reminders to re-apply your sunscreen at the beach or on the golf green through a skin-exposure reader that uses NASA inspired heat-sensor technology.

Whether it’s a trip down the road or an adventure around the world, we promise the MiLi is the least annoying travel-mate that only speaks when absolutely necessary.

It's Not Just For Skin

The MiLi Skinmate helps to test the UV effectiveness of all sun protection products and gear. 

So before you buy your next pair of sunglasses, hat, umbrella or window tint, your (super smart!) Skinmate will ensure you are protected.


Size: 48 x 66 x 6mm

System Requirements: iOS7+, Android 4.3+
Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission
Compatible with iOS7 or above, Android 4.3 or above and any other Bluetooth 4.0 device.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices


MiLi Skinmate  MiLi Skinmate  MiLi SkinmateMiLi Skinmate


MiLi Skinmate

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