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Custom Mili Pure 2



Place YOUR logo on a powerful, portable skin moisture meter that tracks your skins health over time through a smart mobile app. In addition, we can customize YOUR App with embedded adverts,  maximizing your advertising exposure. These adverts can be changed at any time!


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   MiLi Pure 2            MiLi Pure 2


Who knew moisturize your face time could be so glamorous? In 5 seconds, the MiLi Pure 2 can detect your skin’s moisture and display the condition of your face, neck, eye area and hands instantly.  

Judged by the army of disused pots, jars and tubes cluttering our closets, our poor face has learned the hard way that not all moisturizers are created equal. "Is this vegan moisturizer even working!?” Sigh. 

The MiLi Pure 2 let’s you know how to care for your skin the 21st century way. Connected to a mobile app using Bluetooth technology, the MiLi Pure 2 tracks and records your skin moisture levels over days, weeks and months. Take that dry skin! 

Aside from ensuring you pass your next oil test with flying splotches, The MiLi Pure was created to leave us with skin that's healthy, happy and able to stand up to all those lovely moisturizers, masks and serums we spend our money on.

Warranty: 1 years 
Battery Life: 2 years


Size: 67 x 29 x 20mm


Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission
Compatible with iOS7 or above, Android 4.3 or above and any other Bluetooth 4.0 device.


MiLi Pure 2    MiLi Pure 2  MiLi Pure 2


MiLi Pure 2  MiLi Pure 2  

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