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Custom NEW - CBD Infused Lip Balm


Premium All Natural Lip Balm, indused with CBD. 100% THC Free


We've been supplying a great deal of lip balm containing hemp seed oil to the Marijuana industry for trade show giveaways as well as retail prioducts.


Finally, what a lot of people have been requesting, private label lip balm...Your LOGO on CBD Lip Balm! 


CBD products can NOT be imported or exported, so products are in both Canada and the USA.


CBD Oil contains the benefits of the cannabis plant without the potential drawbacks of psychoactive compounds typically found from inhalation or other methods of consumption.


USA formula contains 15mg of CBD Oil, Canadian formula contains 5mg of CBD Oil.


• Helps soften and hydrate lips with out irritation

• Helps to fight visible aging signs

• Helps to improve overall lip health 

• Does NOT contain THC    

• Paraben-free, PABA free

• Natural Beeswax with vitamin E and Aloe

• Made in the USA & Canada


Ingredients for Canadian Formula: Bees Wax, Cocoa Butter, Castor Seed Oil, 7 Herb blend infused in Grape Seed oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender oil, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin e, solvent free CBD Isolate, 5mg


Set up Charge: $45.00


USA Turnaround Time: Ready to ship in 5 days from art approval, depending upon quantity required.

CANADA Turnaround Time: Ready to ship in 10 days from art approval, depending upon quantity required.


Prices upon request. Contact by E-mail or call 604-639-8828

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