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Custom 8.5g Eco Tube Natural Lip Balm




Bring your brand to market with All Natural Lip Balm. 100% Biodegradable & Compostable FSC Certified Eco, push up Tube.


Also available in Organic, or USDA Certified Organic formula.



Beautifully crafted All Natural, organic, certified organic or Fair Trade Certifiedblends available- with amazing moisturizing properties for the lips, all packaged in large 0.30 oz/ 8.5g biodegradable/compostable paper tubes.



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8.5g Eco Tube Natural Lip Balm - Product List

Eco Paper Tube

Quantity: 5,000

From: $2.89 CAD each

Eco Paper Tube

Quantity: 10,000

From: $2.59 CAD each