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Welcome to Promo LipBalm - Promo Lip Balm
Lip Balm Sticks - Best Sellers
Premium - Organic Beeswax SPF 15 $$$
Premium - Organic ZINC SPF 15 $$$
Deluxe - Organic Sunflower $$
Economy - Organic Beeswax $
Oval Tube Lip Balm
Fair Trade Lip Balm - large 7g tube
Lip Balm - EOS Sphere
Lip Balm - EOS Stick
EOS Hand Lotion
Lip Balm Sticks - Budget Balm
Lip Balm Sticks - Budget Balm
New - Softlips Cube
Lip Balm, Round Tin - Premium Organic
Lip Balm, Rectangle Tin - Premium Beeswax
Lip Balm Jar, Round - Premium Beeswax
Lip Balm Jar, Square - Premium Beeswax
Lip Care Original
Lip Care Dome
Lip Care Clip & Lanyard
Lip - Diamond
Lipcare Deluxe
Lip Care Pebble
Lip Care Gloss
Lip Balm Stick - Accessories
Cord Lanyard
Clip Top
Clip Top With Silver Carabiner
Neoprene Leash
Lip Balm - Combo
Lip Balm & Mints Combo
Lip Balm and sunscreen combo
lip balm - sports
Ballmania: Sports Lip Balm
Caffeine SPF 15 - Black Tube
Organic Coffee Lip Balm
USDA - Organic Lip Balm Stick
Premium Organic - Colored
6g Eco Tube - Organic Lip Balm
8.5g Eco Tube - Organic Lip Balm
Mini - Premium Organic
Two Flavored - Premium Organic
Euro Balm - Double care
Lip Balm - Custom Formulas
Private label lip balm with custom flavors & colors
Lip Gloss
Lip Shimmer Stick - Organic
Lip Gloss Tin - Organic
Round Gloss Wand - Stock
Bling Lip Gloss Wand - Custom
Lip Gloss Heart
Cube Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube
Square Lip Gloss Wand
Burt's Bees - Kits
The Everything Kit
Dental - Floss, Mints & More...
Square Dental Floss With Mirror
Tooth Whitening Pen
Dental Gum - Xylitol
Tooth Brush and Paste
Dental Gum - Blister Pack
Dental Care Kit
Tooth Shaped Mint Tin
Floss & Mint Dispenser
Sunscreen - All Natural
All Natural Sunscreen - 1oz Bottle
All Natural Sunscreen - 1.5 oz Bottle with carabiner
All Natural Sunscreen - 2oz Bottle
All Natural Sunscreen - 4oz Bottle
All Natural Sunscreen - 8oz Bottle
Sunscreen - Regular
Sunscreen Spray Pen SPF 30
Sunscreen - 1oz Squeeze Tube
Sunscreen Lotion 1 oz- SPF 30 Round Bottle
Sunscreen Lotion - 2 oz Round Bottle
Sunscreen Lotion 1.5 oz - Tottle Bottle
Sunscreen Sun Stick - Premium 0.6oz
Sunscreen Sun Stick - Deluxe Organic 0.6oz
Sunblock Spray Pen SPF 30
2oz SPF30 Premium Aloe Sunscreen & carabinner
Sunscreen Lotion Packette
Clip On Sunscreen 2GO, SPF30
Sunscreen - Combo
2oz Duo Bottle with SPF 30 Sunscreen and SPF 15 Lip Balm
Mini Sun Kit
Basic Gift Set
Sun & Bug Kit
After Sun
Aloe 1.9oz sport tottle & carabiner
Hand Sanitizer
Pocket Hand Sanitizer - 10ml
Pocket Hand Sanitizer - 8ml
Mini Pocket Spray Sanitizer - 5ml
Gel fast 2Go - Or In Stock Brand
0.5 oz Sanitizer with Neoprene Sleeve
Body Lotions
1 oz Premium Lotion
Cosmetics, Nail Varnish & More...
Nail & Lip Products
Promotional Cosmetics & More
Make Up Brush Set
Rectangle Compact Mirror
Swarovski Crystal Compact Mirror
Sun Safe Products
UV Monitor Key Chain
Packaging Solutions
Lip Balm Box - For Tubes
Spa Gift Sets
Desert Spa Tote
Baby Bath Sponge
Natural Spa Set
Wet Wipes
Makeup Remover Wet Wipes
Regular Wet Wipes
Promotional Products
Promotional Products
Dentistry Promotion
Beauty Salons Promotions
Retail Promotions and Product Launch
Concerts and Night Club Promotions
Hiking and Ski Resort promotions
Motorsports and Event Promotion
Association and Club promotions
Sailing Regatta Promotions



Made with Organic Ingredients

Welcome to Promo LipBalm


Promote YOUR company with YOUR  logo....with All Natural Organic Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Sunscreen, Cosmetics & More.


Join the 1000's of satisfied clients this JUNE, who trust Promo Lip Balm, and enjoy our Petroleum Free - Natural, Organic and USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm ingredients daily.  Your lips deserve the best! 


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  • USA & Canadian shipping depots.
  • Always free artwork visuals & proofs on every order. 


Featured Top Selling Products:

   Deluxe: Organic Sunflower         Lip Care Original

   Premium       Deluxe          EOS                 Lip Care


Join the 1000's of satisfied clients this JUNE, who trust Promo Lip Balm, and enjoy our Petroleum Free - Natural, Organic and USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm ingredients daily.  Your lips deserve the best!


We like what we do. We've built a credible company by listening to and genuinely caring for our clients. Paying attention to detail, being kind and compassionate has attracted repeat business, referrals and new customers alike. We thank you all !


Ask for a FREE complimentary label visual today!


Offering formulations to suit all budgets. Quality, organic, USA made products with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.




Wholesale, Resellers &  Ad Specialty enquiries welcome. (Branded labels with YOUR company information)


Established in 2000 - "Our pledge is to supply All Natural Products wherever possible. We supply what is promised, deliver the best work possible, on budget and on time."



Custom imprint with your logo from 250 units. Ask us about our custom flavor, private label lip balm formulations - our specialty, at just 1,000 - 2,500 units minimum depending  upon ingredients. Match a beverage, popcorn, candy, ice-cream, food or invent a new crazy custom flavored lip balm. It's up to you!


Promotional Lip Balm is a highly successful advertising method, keeping your company’s name and logo on your target audience’s lips on average of 2-30 times daily!  It's a tried and tested formula, so there's no risk of wasting any of your valuable advertising budget. Promotional Lip Balm has a life span well in excess of other mediums and have a very high percentage recognition recall. 


Check out our branded EOS LIP BALM SPHERE and EOS LIP BALM  STICK!  Promo Lip Balm is the first company to offer custom branded EOS lip balm.


Quality lip balm formulations ensure the products are used daily and not thrown away after the first time it's applied to someone's lips. "You get what you pay for" - really does apply here!


Lip balm sticks, lip balm tins, lip gloss and cosmetics are ideal dental and trade show give aways, wedding favors, corporate gifts or retail items.


What's NEW ? - We are exclusive agents in North America for  LIPCARE by KHK. Manufacturers of quality lipcare products, made in Germany.




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Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler, BC, Canada has been voted among the top destinations in North America by major ski magazines...

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